About the Network - Overview

Supporting coastal First Nations Guardian Watchmen programs to monitor, steward and protect their lands and waters

The Network works with First Nations communities on the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii to build stronger local Guardian Watchmen programs.  The Network:

Protecting the Lands and Waters

First Nations Guardian Watchmen have safeguarded the health of their territorial lands and waters on BC’s coast since time immemorial. Today local Guardian Watchmen monitor the health of the plants and animals that have ecological and cultural importance to their communities. They also monitor the impacts of activities such as commercial and sport fishing, logging, and tourism.

Local Guardian Watchmen programs play a critical role in successful resource management by helping to implement land and marine use agreements and ensuring rules and regulations are followed in their territories.  

Watch for Guardian Watchmen out on the water – they are the ones flying the Guardian Watchmen flag!