Conference 2009

Eyes and Ears of Our Territories - Working Together to Protect Our Lands and Waters
– 2009 Annual Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network Conference

In 2009, the Network hosted 50 people from 12 different First Nations for the second annual gathering of Guardian Watchmen in Prince Rupert.  Participants were First Nation Guardian Watchmen and Rangers, as well as First Nations resource managers, land use and marine use planners, and local leaders. 

Conference participants had the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the First Nations role in monitoring the on-the-ground implementation of Ecosystem-Based Management
  • Learn about the successes and challenges of First Nations monitoring programs from around the region
  • Discuss ways to increase the authority of Guardian Watchmen on the land and water
  • Identify ways to increase capacity and resources to monitor important salmon streams
  • Discuss funding opportunities for Guardian Watchmen programs
  • Share ideas about building community awareness and support for monitoring programs
  • Build alliances among communities to improve the effectiveness of local monitoring efforts

2009 Conference Agenda
Summaries of conference presentations
Conference press release