Conference Presentation Summaries 2008

2008 Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network Conference

A conference that brought together over 40 coastal Guardians, Watchmen, Rangers, resource practitioners and leaders representing over 12 First Nations to build unity and action in support of stronger community-based monitoring programs.


Day 1 Tuesday May 20, 2008

Welcome and Introductions - Ross Wilson - Conference Chair (Council, Heiltsuk Nation) and Art Sterritt (Executive Director, Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative)

"Looking Back, Looking Forward: Opportunities for Guardian Watchmen Programs" - Larry Jorgensen (QQS Project Society, Heiltsuk Nation) and Claire Hutton (Sierra Club of Canada - BC Chapter)

"Successes, Challenges and Opportunities of Coastal Guardian/Watchmen Programs" - Sean Brennan (Forest Guardian Program, Council of Haida Nation) and Mike Reid and Larry Jorgensen (Heiltsuk Fisheries, Heiltsuk Nation)

"First Nations Governance Structures for Resource Management and Stewardship: Roles and Responsibilities of Guardians/Watchmen" - Art Sterritt (Executive Director, Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative) and Dan Cardinall (Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative)

"Marine Use Plans, Monitoring and Guardian/Watchmen Programs" - Bruce Watkinson (Executive Director, North Coast Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society)

Day 2 Wednesday May 21, 2008

Re-cap: Summary of Participants' Ideas on Successes, Challenges and Opportunities of GW Programs

"Collaborative Management of Protected Areas: Roles and Responsibilities of Guardians/Watchmen/Rangers"

        * Presentation and Break-out Groups
              o "Conservancies on the North and Central Coasts" - Dan Cardinall (Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative)
              o "Collaborative Management with BC Parks" - Jamie Hahn (Area Supervisor, Ministry of Environment - BC Parks)

* Case Studies
              o "Gwaii Haanas Watchmen Program" - Barb Wilson (Cultural Liaison Specialist)
              o "Khutzeymateen Rangers" - Jamie Hahn and Khutzeymateen Rangers (Ministry of Environment - BC Parks)

"Regional Monitoring Strategy for Coastal Guardian/Watchmen Programs" - Larry Greba (Project Advisor, Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative) - absent; presented by Caitlyn Vernon (Sierra Club of Canada - BC Chapter)

"Funding and Resources for Guardian/Watchmen Programs"

        * Presentation and Discussion
              o "Coast Opportunity Funds - How can conservation financing funds support Guardian/Watchmen Programs?" ; Coast Funds - Structure
                    + Merv Child (Board Member, Coast Opportunity Funds)
                    + Harold Leighton (Board Member, Coast Opportunity Funds)

"Building the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network" - Faith Oro (Interim Coordinator, Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network)

Day 3 Thursday May 22, 2008

"Training and Capacity-Building of Guardians and Watchmen" - Jacinda Mack (Coordinator, Coastal Guardian Watchmen Training Program, Northwest Community College)

"Working Together for Stronger Guardian/Watchmen Programs - Strengthening Our Work Through Connecting Our Communities"

    Re-cap: Summary of Participants' Ideas for Strengthening the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network

        * Break-out Groups and Action Planning

Thank you to all Participants and Supporters for making this Conference possible.