Conference Presentation Summaries 2009

Annual Conference
“Eyes and Ears of our Territories –
Working Together to Protect Our Lands and Waters”

June 3-5, Museum of Northern BC, Prince Rupert

The 2nd Annual Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network Conference will bring together First Nations from the North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii to discuss important issues related to monitoring and protecting ecological and cultural values in their territories and to build unity and action in support of stronger Guardian and Watchmen programs.

The objectives for the conference include:

  • Discuss First Nations role in monitoring the on-the-ground implementation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) from a terrestrial and marine perspective
  • Learn about the successes and challenges of First Nations monitoring programs from the region
  • Discuss ways to increase the authority of Guardian and Watchmen on the land and water
  • Identify ways to increase capacity and resources to monitor important salmon streams
  • Discuss funding opportunities for Guardian and Watchmen programs
  • Share ideas about building community awareness and support for monitoring programs
  • Build alliances among communities to improve effectiveness of local monitoring efforts
  • Create a strong and clear vision for Guardian Watchmen on the North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii

The conference is supported and organized by the Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative, Qqs Projects Society and Sierra Club BC. We would like to thank Sierra Club BC, Qqs Projects Society, The Nature Conservancy, the Wilburforce Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation for their generous financial support for the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network Conference.

Conference Agenda
Day 1 – June 3, 2009

9:00 am Opening Prayer & Welcome (James Bryant, Lax Kw’alaams)
Welcome (Art Sterritt, Executive Director, Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative)
9:15 am Introductions & Review Agenda
10:00 am Presentation: Guardian Watchmen & the Network – Background and Vision (Claire Hutton, Coordinator, Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network)
10:15 am Break-out Groups: Guardian Watchmen - Who We Are and What We Do

“Eyes and Ears on the Land and Water”

11:15 am Presentation: Overview of EBM and Terrestrial Monitoring (Dan Cardinall, Coastal First Nations Turning Point Initiative)
11:45 pm Break-out Groups: What Needs to Be Monitored On the Land?

1:15 pm Presentation: Heiltsuk Coastwatch Program – Environmental Monitoring in Conservancies and Beyond (William Housty, Qqs Projects Society, Bella Bella)
1:40 pm Presentation: Monitoring in Conservancies (Steven Hodgson, BC Parks, Ministry of Environment)
2:00 pm Presentation: Overview of Marine Monitoring - Present and Future Involvement of First Nations (Bruce Watkinson, Executive Director, North Coast Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society)

2:30 pm Break-out Groups: What Needs to Be Monitored On the Water?

3:30 pm Presentation: Haida Fisheries Guardian Program (Robert Russ, Haida Fisheries Guardian)
4:00 pm Presentation: A Guardian Watchmen Approach to Monitoring Salmon Streams (Mike Jacobs, Haisla Fisheries Commission)
4:30 pm Break-out Groups: Increasing Capacity and Resources for Monitoring Streams and Salmon
5:15 pm “Parking Lot” Issues & Wrap- up
5:30 pm Close

Day 2 - Agenda – June 4, 2009

9:00 am  Welcome & Review Agenda

“Building Stronger Guardian Watchmen Programs”

9:15 am Introduction: Thinking about Authority – Different Tools to Increase Power
9:30 am Presentation: Increasing Authority of Guardian Watchmen – Legal Perspective (Tim Watson, Environmental Law Clinic, University of Victoria)
10:00 am Presentation: Increasing Authority of Guardian Watchmen – Marine Use Planning Perspective (Alex Chartrand, PNCIMA Governance Committee)

11:00 am Break-out Groups: A Stronger Presence – Finding Ways to Have More Authority as Guardian Watchmen
11:30 am Introduction: Getting Spatial – Where and What Are We Monitoring In Our Territories?
11:45 am Break-out Groups: Where are the Gaps on the Maps? What’s Being Monitored and What’s Being Missed?

1:30 pm Break-out Groups: Where are the Gaps On the Maps? (cont’d)
2:30 pm Presentation: Increasing Funding for Guardian Watchmen Programs – Coast Opportunity Funds and Beyond (Scott Rehmus and Neil Philcox, Coast Opportunity Funds)
3:00 pm Break-out Groups: Finding More Resources for Guardian Watchmen Programs

4:00 pm Presentation: Training Opportunities for Guardian Watchmen (Martine Gauthier, North West Community College)
4:15 pm Break-out Groups: Shop Talk on Best Practices in Monitoring – Open Space
5:15 pm “Parking Lot” & Wrap-up
5:30 pm Close

Day 3 - Agenda – June 5, 2009

9:00 am Welcome & Review Agenda
9:15 am Presentation & Discussion: Revisiting the Guardian Watchmen Vision
9:45 am Presentation: Building the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network – Plans for the Coming Year (Claire Hutton, Coordinator, Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network)
10:00 am Break-out Groups: Maintaining the Network – What Support Do We Need and How Can We Work Together?

11:00 am Next Steps & Summary
11:15 am Conference Evaluation
11:30 am Closing Circle
12:00 pm Lunch & Close