Conservancies are new protected areas that accommodate Aboriginal Rights and Title and protect natural and cultural values.  Conservancies will be collaboratively managed by both First Nations and the Province.  In conservancies, First Nations can continue traditional practices such as harvesting cedar, hunting and fishing and pursue conservation-based commercial activities such as:

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Guided-fishing
  • Small-scale hydro for local needs
  • Cultural ecotourism

Guardian Watchmen will play an important role in monitoring the implementation of conservancy management plans.

One-third, or 1.92 million hectares, of the Great Bear Rainforest land base, is now protected in conservancies. In addition to these conservancies, other old growth forests and important habitats will be protected on adjacent lands through the implementation of ecosystem-based management forestry. 

Between the conservancies and the application of ecosystem-based management on the rest of the landbase, there is significant habitat protection for keystone species such as grizzly and Spirit bears, salmon and rainforest wolves that call the Great Bear Rainforest home. 

Find more information on conservancies and ecosystem-based management on the Resources and Publications page as well as the EBM Fact Sheet on Conservancies.

 Great Bear Rainforest Conservancy MapGreat Bear Rainforest Conservancy Map