Heiltsuk monitoring and stewardship is integral to the effective implementation of Heiltsuk marine and land use plans. Monitoring and stewardship will ensure that resources are sustainably managed in Heiltsuk territory and ensure that important cultural and natural resources are protected. Within the Heiltsuk Nation, several organizations/entities are currently involved in monitoring and stewardship activities, including the Heiltsuk Fisheries Co-Management Program, the Qqs Projects Society’ Coastwatch program, and Heiltsuk Marine Use Planning.


As the Heiltsuk Nation, we are the stewards of our traditional lands and waters, we are the eyes and ears of our territory.  A coordinated and integrated Guardian Watchmen monitoring effort will improve our ability to protect the health of our cultural and natural values and sustainably manage and steward our resources.  We will:

  • Have a strong presence in our territory
  • Protect our cultural resources and restore natural resources
  • Be recognized as the authorities, rather than stakeholders in our territory, in terms of both knowledge and management
  • Have priority access and control over food, social and ceremonial resources
  • Help enforce Heiltsuk and other agency’s rules and regulations
  • Control external access to other resource users
  • Ensure that monitoring leads to improved decision-making and management actions
  • Have control over data and access to data for future uses and management decisions
What are we monitoring?: 

The Heiltsuk Fisheries program is currently undertakes the following monitoring activities:

  • Food, Social and Ceremonial Fisheries (includes salmon, SOK, groundfish, clams, crabs, and prawns)
  • Stream Walks – Escapement for Pink and Chum
  • Stream water temperature, PH levels, dissolved oxygen levels
  • Log poaching
  • Abalone and Sea Otters
  • Whales
  • Water sampling for E.Coli and PSP
  • Sockeye Salmon Enhancement
  • Stream Assessment
  • Green Crab Eradication

The Coastwatch Program  currently undertakes the following monitoring activities:

  • Koeye river system (baseline surveys include temperature, invertebrates, mammals, crabs, fish presence and fry counts, grizzly bear populations)
  • Salmon-bearing streams
  • Crabs
  • Spring Grizzly Bears DNA project in Namu, Nootam, Koeye
  • Tourism boat counts (being piloted in Koeye)
  • Outer Islands Baseline Research and Monitoring toolkit
  • Collecting Regional Monitoring Strategy data
Contact 1: 

Mike Reid, Heiltsuk Fisheries/Co-management
250-957-2303 x23