Network Communications

The Network produces outreach and communications tools that support the work of local Guardian Watchman programs.  Check out our newest brochures:

Guardian Watchman Brochure - This new updated brochure provides information about local Guardian Watchman programs. It includes a handy summary table on how to report and document suspicious activities. The glossy colour brochure can be downloaded as a pdf or hard copies ordered to meet your community needs (with a Local Guardian Watchmen program contact information on the back).
Resource Stewardship Office newsletter - This newsletter describes the purpose of Coastal First Nations' Resource Stewardship Offices, desribing the roles of staff and presenting stories that highlight some of the successful projects currently being undertaken in different Nations.
Tsunami Debris Brochure - This brochure describes the issue of tsunami debris on the coast, what to do if you encounter tsunami debris and local Guardian Watchman program efforts to monitor tsunami debris when it arrives.

Other outreach and communication tools that raise awareness about Guardian Watchmen activities and support their work:

  • Environmental Laws: A Field Guide for BC's Central and North Coast and Haida Gwaii - A new field guide produced by the UVic's Environmental Law Clinic to support local Guardian Watchmen activities. The field guide provides info on common environmental offences, including fishing, hunting and trapping, pollution, forest practices, cultural and archeaological sites, parks and protected areas, species at risk, and boating.
  • Eyes and Ears on the Land Video - This inspiring 12 minute video shares the vision of the Guardian Watchmen program. It is available on DVD for use in presentations to community members, Chief and Council, school children, resource users and supporters. It can be uploaded as a video link for upload to websites.
  • How to Report Suspicious Activities – Easy access to contact information for relevant government authorities and local Guardian Watchmen programs to report a variety suspicious activities, from poaching to oil spills. This web page describes the steps to correctly record any suspicious activities observed out in the territories.