A Big “Thank You” to Kitasoo/Xai-Xais Guardian Watchmen

August 20, 2017 (All day)

The following letter is from an American couple, whose boat had lost power and was drifting helplessly near Klemtu before being escorted to safety by Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Guardians.

Dear Coastal Guardian Watchmen,

Two of your people in Klemtu, BC, showed incredible kindness and resourcefulness in a stressful situation on Friday July 28.

Our vessel (a 32-foot diesel trawler) had hit a dead-head and lost the sole propeller. We were dead in the water, 30 nautical miles from Klemtu, drifting toward a lee shore, and within hours of arrival of gale-force southeasterlies. The Coast Guard put out an all-ships alert.

Twenty minutes before our drift would have smashed us on shore, a miracle occurred. The Kitasoo Watchman, an aluminum utility boat, was doing the rounds of resource areas near Laredo Channel.

As the boat sped out of Kent Inlet (or some place in the direction), we hailed. We hailed again. The Kitasoo Watchman turned to us, and an aluminum utility boat speeding toward us at 20+ knots never looked so good! The two gentlemen were resourceful and fully accepting of what needed to be done.

They towed us back to Klemtu, 30-plus nautical miles at about 5 knots. Starting at 3pm, we arrived just before dusk at 9pm. The two gentlemen were extraordinarily kind, resourceful and taciturn in providing this boat-saving, and possibly life-saving, help.

They were at the tail end of their rounds when we hailed, and probably were looking forward to being with friends and family well before suppertime. Instead they had to wallow along at towing speeds. The Kitasoo Watchman weighs perhaps a quarter of our vessel, so they really could just wallow in what must have been a roll-y passage across the beam chop at the top of Laredo Sound.

One of our saviours handed me a brochure for your organization, so we decided then and there that we wanted to contribute to your organization, both in recognition of these gentlemen's timely help, and in support of the necessary work you do to promote recovery of a sustainable, intact coastal ecosystem that supported humans here for 10,000 years.

With gratitude,
Abe and Carole Jacobson