Past Funding Deadlines

The following is a list of funding opportunities whose deadlines have passed for this year. Many of these grants applications are available every year around the same time so check back often for new deadlines when they become available.

Name: Environmental Damages Fund

December 31, 2015
(1 year 50 weeks ago)

The Environmental Damages Fund (EDF) was established to manage the funds receivedthrough court orders, awards, out-of-court settlements and voluntary awards as compensation for environmental damage.

Name: BC Capacity Initiative

December 7, 2015
(2 years 1 week ago)

The BCCI is committed to supporting First Nations to enhance their capacity to prepare for consultation, negotiation, implementation or management of land and resources components of future aboriginal

Name: New Relationship Trust - Youth Grants

December 1, 2015
(2 years 2 weeks ago)

The New Relationship Trust and the First Nation communities realize the importance of our youth. Accordingly, the NRT Board of Directors identified youth as a strategic priority.

Name: EcoAction Grants - EcoAction Community Funding Program

November 1, 2015
(2 years 6 weeks ago)

Funding is available through the EcoAction Community Funding Program to fund projects across Canada to encourage Canadians to take action to address clean air, clean water, climate change and nature

Name: First Peoples Worldwide - Keepers of the Earth Grant

October 31, 2015
(2 years 6 weeks ago)

The goal of the First People's Worldwide's Keepers of the Earth Fund is to ensure that Indigenous communities have access to funds through a channel that values and respects their expertise, their ide

Name: Vancouver Foundation – Environment Fund

September 28, 2015
(2 years 11 weeks ago)

The Vancouver Foundation offers three types of grants—Develop, Test, and Grow—for new and existing social innovations that have the potential to address root causes of environmental issues

Name: New Relationship Trust

May 21, 2015
(2 years 29 weeks ago)

2013 Funding Support - Direct Support Initiative:

Name: Climate Change Adaptation Program

December 17, 2014
(2 years 52 weeks ago)

Through the Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP), Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada is supporting Aboriginal and northern communities to address risks and challenges posed by climate chan

Name: Honor the Earth - Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities Initiative

December 4, 2014
(3 years 1 week ago)

Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities Initiative focuses on re-localizing sustainable energy and food economies as a means to mitigate climate change and nurture cultural and spiritual res

Name: Coast Opportunity Funds – Conservation Fund

August 8, 2014
(3 years 18 weeks ago)

The Conservation Fund is a long-term fund for eligible First Nations designed to support activities that maintain or improve the Great Bear Rainforest.  Some eligible projects revelevant to Guar