First Nations communities on the Coast have witnessed the depletion of natural resources in their territories occur at an alarming rate. Many traditional food sources such as abalone and eulachon have all but disappeared in certain areas and other species like salmon are severely impacted by resource extraction.

Some of the most pressing threats to the health of species of concern to coastal First Nations communities include:

  • Risk of oil spills from proposed oil tanker traffic off the coast
  • Commercial and sport fishing impacts on food, social and ceremonial fish
  • Diminished populations of key food species such as crab, eulachon and abalone
  • Trophy hunting
  • Bear hunting in protected areas (grizzly bears, black bears, and Spirit bears)
  • Logging impacts on salmon bearing streams and riparian areas
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Depleted supplies of ceremonial cedar
  • Pollution from recreational and commercial boating in sensitive areas
  • Tourism impacts on cultural sites
  • Lack of compliance and enforcement of existing rules and regulations

Guardian Watchmen are helping to mobilize their communities to identify and prioritize the threats and issues of most concern, so that Guardian Watchmen can collect data and monitor trends to addess important issues.

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